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Welcome to My Travel Job!

If you are ready to start an adventurous career in the travel jobs industry, you’ve come to the right site!

Starting out or starting over, we offer an opportunity to get you back on track to becoming a learner and an earner.

My Travel Job has crews in many cities across the United States and we are just getting started. We offer entry-level positions in many fields including energy deregulation, HVAC, LED lighting, cleaning products and much more!

If you’re serious about starting a career in the travel job industry, click below and let’s talk!

Travel and Make Money Now!

My Travel Job has been placing entry-level salesman in the competitive and lucrative field of door-to-door sales for over 25 years and has moved many of these salesman into management positions for an even bigger income potential.

Many now have their own crews and travel city to city, state to state, all across the U.S.

Join our team today and make a difference in yourself and experience what we have to offer.
We offer a career, not a J.O.B. (just over broke).

Hired Today? Start Today!

Are you tired of finding a job, then finding out it is only temporary? Are you tired of asking, “Would you like fries with your order?” Are you tired of staring out the same office or retail store windows?

Here at My Travel Job we offer an entirely new experience. If you are a salesperson at heart, honest, and have a great attitude and work ethic, we can train you with our best people to be the best in the industry.

Our crews travel from sea to shining sea and everything in between, going business-to-business and door-to-door selling our best customer service and products.

Who We Are

My Travel Job offers paid on-the-job training for entry-level sales positions. No experience is necessary. However, if you have some sales experience that only gives you a leg up.
You MUST be 18 years of age to apply for any position within our company; no exceptions. You must be able to pass a background check depending on which sales division you work for.
Our staff of highly trained sales leaders will take you under their wing and teach you everything you need to know.



We strive to be the best in the eyes of ourselves, employees, customers and shareholders.



My Travel Job believes in taking care of the customer from end to end.
We don’t just want a “One and Done” customer. We strive to make our customers WANT to come back to us.
Our team is motivated, focused and goal-oriented. Our strong core values and work ethic guides our company’s success.
Without this, our team would not exist.


Our Affiliate Companies

The Energy Freedom Project

The Energy Freedom Project has been bringing energy savings to our customers in deregulated states for three years and has saved over $10 million in overages paid my unsuspecting customers.
Last year, the Energy Freedom Project company was awarded for having the highest grossing sales team in the industry with over $2 million in sales.


Pro Tek Chemical

Established in 1984, Pro Tek Chemical is an innovator in the eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly cleaning products realm.
Created to get tree/pine sap out of lumberjack clothing, over the years Pro Tek Chemical has engineered some of the best cleaning products on the market.
Our hot, new product is PURE cleaner which is a direct-to-environment solution that is not only safe, but a very powerful cleaning agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get to location once hired?
A: We will provide a bus ticket for you travel accommodations.

Q: Where will I be going once I am hired?
A: That is a great question. We are currently in 12 states
from California to Pennsylvania. We will assign you to a region you
Would be most needed.

Q: Can I request a specific region I would like to travel?
A: You are welcome to request and if we can utilize you
in the area, we are likely to place you in the region.

Q: How do I get in touch with you for employment?
A: You are at the right website. Fill out the application above.

Q: Will I have room and board provided?
A: We rent houses and hotels. After two weeks paid training, there will be a small cost share for your accommodations which we can deduct from your paycheck. Your food will be up to you. We recommend not spending your paycheck by eating out for every meal. That’s one way to dwindle savings. That’s why we rent places where you can prepare your own meals.

Q: How many people are on a team?
A: Our average teams runs 12 to 15 members in each area.


Testimonials From Employees

My Travel Job changed my life by giving me a second chance.
I was down on my luck, nowhere to go and out of money. I saw their website online and gave it a shot.
I filled out the application and within a few hours I got an email from a hiring agent. We spoke for about 15 minutes and I was offered a position as a field sales agent. My work experience isn’t very extensive, but the company gave me a chance.
I have been averaging $700 paychecks every week with an average of 4 sales a day.

Eddie E.

Grand Island, NE

I was a used car salesman in DuBois, PA, when my life started a spiral. Lost my job, lost my house and to top it off, my wife left me.
The economy was not doing well and most businesses were failing.
When I lost my job, I searched locally for days and no one was hiring. Last resort was the internet. Who was going to hire a middle-aged man who only had sales experience?
I submitted my application online and within a few hours I had a reply from My Travel Job’s recruitment department.
They were very nice and didn’t mind my sob story. In fact, they get a lot of calls like mine. Who knew?
After a phone interview and a little chat with the young woman that interviewed me, they were able to get me back to work in my home state!
Thankful for the internet and finding My Travel Job!

Jason T.

Erie, PA

I was working at a local burger place when I found My Travel Jobs late one night on the internet.
At the time I had just turned 20 and knew that I didn’t want to work in the fast food business the rest of my life.
I filled out the application and was hired the next day. I love traveling and have been on the road selling and couldn’t have made a better decision. I’ve made a lot of lifelong friends. I hope to be a crew manager one day. It’s hard work though, I’m not gonna lie. But you gotta stick with it and dig deep. Once you get a taste of the road, it gets in your blood.

Tyson J.

Detroit, MI

What We Strive For


Customer Satisfaction


Employee Retention


Percentage Employees Who Love The Job


Personal Growth & Development

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